The Dashboard Process

We believe true wealth management transcends the narrow focus of investment management, and should incorporate ALL the components of your financial life. We also believe in taking a repeatable, formulaic approach to meeting your financial needs, and providing you with a plan that is comprehensive in scope and depth. We accomplish this through the use of Dashboards and our proprietary Dashboard Planning Process.

Through our Dashboard Planning Process we will consistently challenge you to make tangible progress towards achieving your goals. Together we will forge your path to financial independence the right way, with a clear understanding of what it will take to get there.


Your Dashboard distills the various components of your life down to a one-page roadmap that can give you the confidence and motivation to confront the issues that could derail your train to financial independence and a fantastic retirement.

Personal Dreams and Goals

Financial Independence

Investment Management

Risk & Insurance Management

Estate & Generational Planning

Tax & Business Planning

We color code these categories so you know what needs to be dealt with right away. Going back to the analogy of the dashboard of your car, our Red indicator is like the check engine light going on – you need to address these items immediately. Our Yellow indicator is like the tire pressure light going on – you should address these items sooner rather than later, but the car won’t break down right now. Our Green indicator is like the cruise control light – you’re good to go for now!

Investment Process

Our team’s Investment Process is a two-part exercise.

Strategic Guidance

We construct and maintain proprietary risk-based investment strategies designed to help provide you with the highest potential chance of achieving a lifetime of retirement cash flow – your “Number”. We refer to this as our Strategic Guidance.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

We continually challenge the underlying tactics of our investment strategies to ensure they remain the most appropriate and most efficient option for you. We refer to this as our Ongoing Portfolio Management.