Investment Management

Designing your personalized investment strategy

Simply put, we help you manage your investable assets and your liabilities to provide for your future.

We are your fiduciary. We act as the advisory board to your family’s personal pension plan to help you implement an overriding investment strategy. This investment strategy sets the “rules of the road” for your portfolio, establishing investment guidelines designed to help provide consistency and stability of your retirement cash flow.

Everyone has different goals and risk appetites, but generally we look to build out portfolios in the following order:
1) Liquid Cash Reserves, 2) "Pension Style" Portfolio, and 3) Secondary Objectives.

Liquid Cash Reserves

Before long-term portfolios are constructed, we establish ample cash reserves and liquidity. The amount and types vary, but this is critical prior to deploying assets into longer-term funds. We call this your “Cash Zero”. All liquid capital in excess of your “Cash Zero” should be considered for long-term investment.

"Pension Style" Portfolio

Most of our clients will rely on their personal assets for the lion's share of their retirement income – in other words, these assets are responsible for providing their own personal pension. As such, whether our clients are 35 or 75, we're constructing their portfolios with this in mind. We determine the proper risk/return relationship for your portfolio based on your personal situation and the “Number” you need for the rest of your life to help give you the best chance for a long and successful retirement.

Secondary Objectives

After satisfying both Liquid Cash Reserves and a "Pension Style" Portfolio, you may be faced with the delightful quandary of having too much money. With that in mind, we design portfolios and related planning strategies to help achieve three possible outcomes or a combination thereof.

Principal Preservation

At times, a return of principal may be better than a return on principal. For those ultra conservative investors it’s ok to earmark excess funds with the goal of simply maintaining purchasing power by keeping up with inflation at a low risk.

Capital Appreciation

More aggressive investors may be comfortable allocating additional funds to equities that are positioned for greater potential growth.

“Pass It On”

We’ll work to find creative and distinct investment and tax-planning strategies to help support your desired legacy.

less risk more risk

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.