The Power of Some

The Power of Some

Small changes can help keep you on the road

With all the craziness we've experienced this year, it's no wonder we all seem to be a little feels as if we're all waiting with collective, bated breath as we not-so-patiently wait for the proverbial "other shoe" to drop. In such times it is common for the "flight" response to trigger in our brains, causing us to recoil and possibly divert from the plans we made when things were better. But it is this instinct in particular that we must combat, as hasty actions taken in an emotional state can have a lasting and dramatic impact on your future financial independence (and usually in a bad way).

Every family we have the privilege to help has their own personalized Investment Strategy as part of their overriding long-term Dashboard plan. When we first design a personalized Investment Strategy and deploy assets into long-term portfolios, we take into consideration all known and potential unknown risks that can and DO occur (as we certainly now know all too well), and then invest assets accordingly. We take many factors into consideration and then build out a portfolio that contains appropriate levels of Cash for short-term needs, U.S. Equities, International Equities, and Fixed Income investments that together are designed to help give our clients a high statistical likelihood of creating a lifetime of retirement cashflow with the most appropriate level of risk at that time.

You may feel anxious or a need to "do something"...and that's ok! The trick is to be logical (not emotional) about small changes we can implement to dial down risk without potentially endangering your future financial independence.

As such, unless your personal circumstances have changed, it is unlikely that your overall strategy should be dramatically altered, even with the unprecedented events that have brought about this altered reality in which we all now live. Certainly tweaks can and possibly should be made to your investments given the wide and likely lasting impact of COVID-19 on companies and industries around the world (we have made several changes in client portfolios for this very reason); however, big changes to your overall strategy should not be needed if the appropriate plans were already in place.

That said, you may still feel anxious or a need to "do something", and that's ok! The trick is to be pragmatic and logical about small changes we can implement to dial down risk without taking a "hard left" and veering off course. This is the power of "SOME" — rather than allowing our emotions to proclaim "I'm all in...or I'm all out...", we find a middle ground you are comfortable with that preserves your future financial independence.

We have developed a simple guide — Steps To Take To Calm Your Nerves — to drive discussions on what actions you can take to assuage your fears and help prevent you from making a costly, emotionally-charged mistake. It is only through such a logical (not emotional) process that we can harness the power of "some" and strive to mitigate an overcorrection that could potentially derail your plans.

Fear is often the mother of financial misfortune — when fear drives our decisions mistakes are made. We believe the best approach to combat fear is open and frequent communication around your personalized strategy and long-term plan. We must always remain steadfastly committed to our long-term goals of building real financial independence and continue to invest into properly risk-aligned portfolios.