Mastering Your Wealth

Mastering Your Wealth

A reminder to stick to your Investment Strategy

While attending my good friend's “Jimmy Buffet Party” over the weekend, a client of mine asked me, “How are we positioned for the impending Trade War with China, and what portfolio moves do we anticipate before the end of the year.” Without missing a beat, I jumped up on my soap box and proclaimed that the portfolio positioning and strategic moves (AKA our Investment Strategy) that we agreed upon almost 5 years ago addressed not only the impending Trade War, but also the re-emergence of the Cold War with Russia, the possible impeachment of President Trump, the escalating conflicts with North Korea, the historic shrinkage of the Polar Ice Cap caused by global warming, the inverted yield curve, the soon to be BREXIT, and so forth.

When we first design a personalized Investment Strategy and deploy assets into long-term portfolios, we take into consideration all known (and potential unknown) risks that can and DO occur, and then invest assets accordingly. We take many factors into consideration and then build out a portfolio that contains U.S. Equities, International Equities, and Fixed Income investments that we believe give our clients the best chance at a lifetime of retirement cashflow with the most appropriate level of risk at that time.

In doing so, we, unlike the mass number of “lemmings” in this country, are prepared to FIGHT THE NARRATIVE, remain true to our Investment Strategy, and thus increase our odds of truly attaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Thus, my answer to my friend was that we made the right decisions 5 years ago and will continue to monitor and measure our portfolio (and all other Dashboard items) with the same level of patience, thoughtfulness and discipline that we’ve been doing.

To help illustrate this, we’ve created a short VIDEO depicting Dashboard’s Investment Management Process.