Dashboard Wealth Advisors | Our Approach | Second Opinion Services

The Beginning
Several years ago our team realized we were spending a good amount of time meeting with the family, friends, clients and co-workers of our clients. This is certainly a compliment and an extension of trust that we value and appreciate. As a result, and being the process fanatics we are, we decided to formalize a second opinion service to help meet this need and continue to serve our clients who trust us enough to make these introductions.

The Need
Regardless of a family's financial position, we feel there is value we can deliver by providing a comprehensive wealth management review. Patients will often seek another opinion on important medical issues, and we view a wealth management plan as another important area that should be heavily scrutinized and reviewed.

The Process
We arrange a meeting and take an individual or family through our Dashboard Wealth Management Process. We consider and discuss, among other items, goals, family dynamics, investments, income, cash-flow needs, various insurance pitfalls or holes, estate planning, taxes, and business interests or ownership. The information collected from this comprehensive review is then analyzed and an opinion promptly created. At a second meeting we will offer specific recommendations on a complete plan or even make other professional introductions as appropriate.

The Commitment
This service has no associated costs or billable fees but offers our time and willingness to share valuable information. We often find this leads to simply cleaning up and/or confirming current plans. However, if appropriate and mutually beneficial, we will formalize a relationship once the second opinion service has been completed.

We feel confident our process will be of benefit to those willing to engage in a commitment of time. We truly view our second opinion service as a benefit to our current clients, attorneys, CPAs, or other professionals who continue to show the trust and confidence in our team. We greatly value all of our relationships and look forward to assisting in whatever capacity we are granted.

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