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From accumulation to risk management to making your assets last throughout retirement – and beyond – you have a wide range of financial needs. So it’s only natural that we provide through Raymond James the services you’ll need throughout your lifetime.

Asset Allocation // Choosing the right mix

Studies have shown asset allocation to be the most important single determinant of overall investment performance and potential risk. Asset allocation focuses on spreading money not only over different investments but also across different asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash alternatives.

Choosing the right mix of asset classes can help reduce portfolio volatility significantly because each asset class has a different level of risk and potential return – while one asset category may increase in value, another may decrease in value at any given time. To make asset allocation part of your investment strategy, we’ll work closely with you in selecting an asset class mix that fits with your financial objectives, time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Asset Management // Meeting the challenges of a complex market

Today’s market is more complex than ever before. Rapidly changing conditions, both domestically and globally, create challenges for even the most sophisticated investor – not to mention time and resource demands.

To help, we offer comprehensive asset management services to help free you from the constant need to monitor your portfolio, so you can get on with enjoying life. Through professional money managers and the wide-ranging research and resources of the Raymond James Asset Management Group, we can help you create – and manage – an institutional-quality portfolio designed with your financial goals in mind.

Cash Flow Planning // Understanding what you need for the rest of your life

“Will I make it?” This is a question we hear all too often when we talk to clients about whether their assets will last throughout their retirement years. We also hear it from business owners who wonder if the sale price of their business is enough to support their current lifestyle or their next set of business goals.

Our goal in either scenario is to help provide clarity through cash flow planning. We look at expected assets and how best to make them last through thoughtful spending. It helps uncover shortfalls that we may be able to address today while they’re still saving. But most of all, it helps them find an answer to their question by looking at the numbers, doing the math and taking appropriate action.

Risk Management/Insurance // Sound planning for the unexpected

Your sound investment plan should also include sound planning for the unexpected. Sudden events like an unforeseen illness, an accident – even death – pose a threat to your assets and your family’s financial well-being. As a strategy to help mitigate these risks, we recommend using insurance.

With the help of our insurance planning professionals, we can select the types of insurance best suited to your needs – from disability and long-term care to term and permanent life insurance. Additionally, we’ll work with your property and casualty insurance professionals to identify and properly address these risk areas. Insurance may also provide your heirs with tax and wealth transfer benefits, helping to keep more of your hard-earned assets in the family.

Estate Planning // Helping you maintain control of your assets

It’s comforting to knowing the wealth you’ve worked hard to attain will benefit your family. But only through careful estate planning can you hope to maintain control of that wealth as it passes to your beneficiaries.

Estate planning helps ensure the efficient transfer of wealth onto your beneficiaries in a way that reflects your values, objectives and wishes. Through the estate planning services of Raymond James, you have access to a variety of consulting services to help you create a customized estate plan.

Tax Planning // Lessening your liability can help improve your outcome

Tax planning is a process that takes place throughout the year and is done based on your long- and short-term financial goals and overall financial plan. It can help in reducing not only the tax you pay today but also the tax liabilities you may face in the future as well as that of your heirs.

Strategic tax planning can help you manage and preserve your assets through tax reduction, deferral and other strategies. We can help you develop an overall tax strategy as well as recommend tax-advantaged solutions for your portfolio.


Please note, changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and could substantially impact your situation. Raymond James financial advisors do not render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

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